Stonex S10A

STONEX S10A is the latest Stonex GNSS receiver characterized by a new feature that enhance the performances and potential of the field surveys. Thanks to aRTK function and service of Atlas® correction, Stonex S10A is able to work in particularly difficult areas. Atlas® gives the precise positioning centimetres around the world and delivers world-wide centimetre level correction data over L-band communication satellites and over internet.
S10A is able to automatically select the best combination of GNSS signals with the possibility to receive Atlas® real time corrections when the connection signals are interrupted or not available.Key Features:

  • Multi Constellation – Stonex S10A with its 394 channels, provides an excellent on-board real-time navigation solution with centimeter accuracy. All GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO) are included, no additional cost.
  • Connectivity – S10A Receiver is equipped with all important connectivity capabilities, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, for a fast and stable connection to controller and PC.
    Web UI Control – To initialize, manage, monitor the settings of the receiver and to download data using portable or PC, smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi capability.
  • Tilt Centering – It’s possible to measure points with inclination up to 30 degrees. The tilt compensator installed inside can automatically correct the coordinates of the points collected in accordance with the tilt angle and tilt direction of the range pole.
  • Electronic Bubble – You can measure the points quickly without the perfect verticality of the pole.
  • Intelligent Battery – Stonex S10A is delivered with two high capacity smart batteries. The power level can be checked from the controller and directly from a simple led bar on the battery by the simple press of a button.
  • Rugged Design IP67 Protection – IP 67 certification, combined with a high shock resistance guarantee the maximum strength and the best water and dust tight even in harsh environments.