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Our Team

Eilon Mor

Owner and CEO

Eilon is well known in the surveying industry all over the world. A visionary in coming up with solutions where no solutions can be found.

Kevin Braun

General Manager

Kevin has been involved with management for over 10 years. He has experience in the aviation, education and geomatics industries and enjoys the challenge of combining these skills when offering technological solutions to our clients.

Yuri Groger


Yuri has been in the surveying and IT field for many years. He can answer all survey and IT related queries.

Lardus van den Berg

Regional Sales Executive

Lardus has extensive sales experience in the geomatics industry and will be operating as sales executive for the greater Johannesburg region. He will also service Mpumalanga and neighbouring countries on demand. 

Jesse Gillis

Technical Support

Jesse is passionate about the technology and new solutions to the Surveying Industry. As he has a programming background, he has the knowledge to provide quick and professional solutions for any problem that might arise.